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City Dressing

In the spring 2022, Wiltshire Council entered into a contract with City Dressing that will allow Town Councils to access a range of interventions to assist with increasing vibrancy and footfall in town centres. The funding for this programme has been provided as part of the Governments “Welcome Back Funding” aimed to help the recovery of the High Street after the pandemic.

City Dressing provide a menu of options to improve the high street experience for residents and businesses. These options are designed to be cheerful and welcoming, provide seating and art installations that help to improve the look and feel of the town centre. Westbury was allocated £10,000 to spend with City Dressing.

At a Westbury town council meeting, it was agreed to install:

  • Lighting column banners welcoming people to Westbury
  • Information towers in the town centre
  • A display of flowers in the High Street through the summer that will be changed to chillies in time for the Chilli Festival.
  • Grass seating in the rotunda and Soisy Gardens

On Thursday 28th July, the first of the displays were installed, we hope you like it.