Covid-19 Updated: Friday 20th November 2020

Westbury Town Council Response to COVID-19

Updated: Monday 16.11.2020

Update from Westbury Town Council – Facilities & Assets COVID-19

Westbury Town Council met on Monday 6th July 2020 to discuss reopening the play areas, skate park, adult gym equipment, the Laverton and public toilets. The town council took into consideration recent government guidance following the announcement that these services could reopen from the 4th July 2020, and the process being followed by other local councils including Wiltshire Council. They reviewed COVID-19 risk assessments and advice from our Health & Safety advisor and insurance provider.

Play Areas, Skate Park and Outdoor Adult Gym. The town council took the decision to open the play areas, skate park and adult gym equipment with immediate effect and our staff are out in the town busily putting up signage and opening the gates. However, two of the play areas will remain closed; Kendrick due to ongoing repairs and Chestnut following a bin fire. We have ordered the parts for Kendrick and a new bin for Chestnut and we hope to open these remaining play areas soon. Read the signage carefully, it is there for your safety. Have fun but please stay safe.

The Laverton is now open for some groups and is accepting future bookings, with no deposits as we understand that everything is uncertain.

Public Toilets – Warminster Road and the High Street car park – have reopened – updated 12.11.2020
* Before reopening both locations had a deep clean.
* Additional cleaning will be undertaken at both locations to limit any risks to users.
* Please use the hand washing facilities.

The Town Council – The offices are open and staff are available for general public enquiries. However, following government guidance, access to the office is restricted. Unfortunately, individuals coming to the office will not generally be invited in, unless absolutely necessary. Where possible we would ask individuals to call the office in advance to arrange a face to face meeting, if that is what is required. You can call the office on 01373 822232 or email

Our website and Facebook pages are kept up to date with the latest news from the town council and our partners.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.

Updated:  27.05.2020

Public Meetings and events – The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 came into force on 4th April 2020. The Regulations 2020 enable local councils to hold remote meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing) until May 2021. The regulations also remove the requirement to hold an annual town council meeting. The 2020 regulations apply to local council meetings, committee, and sub-committee meetings in England. Westbury Town Council has chosen to use Office365 Teams, live events. This is secure, allows the council to invite guests and up to 20,000 members of the public can watch and hear the meeting as it takes place. It also provides us with the ability to record the meeting, share information (agendas, minutes & reports) and the public can choose to turn on captions. We are holding a limited number of town council and committee meetings, concentrating on essential work while we continue to support the community during these difficult times. Details of the meetings, dates, times and how to join, can be found on our website in the section Agendas and Minutes or please refer to the town calendar.

Open Westbury COVID-19 Support – The town council would like to thank the amazing community groups and residents of Westbury who have come forward in response to our call for volunteers. This is to provide support to the elderly, vulnerable and those who are required to self-isolate in our community. Our Events Manager, Ryan Child is working hard with partners and volunteers to coordinate all services and volunteers to provide help to those who need it.

For more information, please contact

Mrs Deborah Urch, Town Clerk at or call 01373 480912

Mrs Julie Dyer, Team Leader at or call 01373 480913

Mr Andrew Thomas, Town Caretaker at or call 01373 480916

Mr Ryan Child, Events Manager at or call 01373 480915

Mr Norman Burgess, Facilities at the Laverton at or call 01373 480919

On our website you will find the councillors contact details

Thank you from Westbury Town Council – 26.03.2020
Thank you from Westbury Town Council – 24.04.2020

Information source – Westbury Town Council will act on information and guidance provided by the following organisations:
Wiltshire Council:



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Household Recycling Centres (17.05.2020) – reopened Monday 18th May 2020. From Monday 8th June 2020 you need to book a visit – more information is available on Wiltshire Council website

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Business and Employees Tool Kit – 23.10.2020

Community Pack – to support you and your community Community Pack
Volunteer Pack – to support volunteers Volunteer Pack
Advice and Support for Parents – looking after yourself and looking after your children Advice and Support for Parents
Support and grants for businesses and the self-employed Business Support (and other information) 28.04.2020

Support for businesses and the self-employed 30.04.2020



New Discretionary Grant Scheme opens for applications 09.06.2020

Activity Packs – a list of resources across a wide range of subjects to try and provide something of interest for everyone, if you are at home struggling with ideas of things to do, staying active or just to keep your mental health in a positive place Activity Packs
Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub – if you need support or know someone that does

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm

Call: 0300 003 4576
Email: Wellbeing Hub – Provider/Partner Agency Briefing Document – updated 09.06.2020 – Launch of Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub (Covid-19 Community Resilience Hub)
Mental Health Hotline for Children and Young People Information

The helpline will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be contacted as follows:
9am-5pm – weekdays – 01865 903777
5pm-9am – weekdays and weekends – 01865 901000

Useful websites:

Mental Health Hotline for Adults Information

Contact number: 0300 303 1320

Westbury Library Information from Westbury Library 27.04.2020
Leisure Centres reopening from 3rd August 2020 Information
Useful Information & Support:

Information and Support

Information and Links

Open Westbury – Covid 19 – Support, Help and Volunteer
Facebook Group
Log onto Facebook and search for the group
Community Fridge

Closure Notice 25.03.2020

Crosspoint Closure Notice 24.03.2020
MIND – for better mental health
Health guidance
Wiltshire Police Reiterates Commitment To Protecting the Public Following Latest Government Announcement 24.03.2020
Wiltshire Police All Wiltshire Police Enquiry Offices Have Temporarily Closed Following New Social Distancing Advice 26.03.2020
Westbury – Play Areas and Public Toilets Closure Notice 24.03.2020
Play Area – Closure Photos 25.03.2020
Warminster Food Bank 01985 214463
Wiltshire Police – Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner An Open Letter 26.03.2020
Action Fraud Advice from Action Fraud 30.03.2020
Support and Help for Westbury Residents Do you need help with food, medication or just a chat?

If you are over 70 or vulnerable please call the team: 01373 859669 – Monday-Friday, 2pm-5pm

See the poster for full details:

Support and Help Line for Westbury Residents 30.03.2020

Wiltshire Police 101 Non-Emergency Police Calls free 01.04.2020
Westbury Town Councillors

Westbury Residents – if you are worried or have any concerns during these uncertain times, the Councillors are available to speak to you

Westbury Town Councillors
Wiltshire Police People urged to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel this Easter 09.04.2020
Support for victims of Domestic Abuse Support

Charity Splitz also offers support during the week

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust – services still available to those of 60 or 18+ with a registered disability
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Every Mind Matters – looking after your mental health
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Our Frontline – to offer health, care, emergency and key workers round-the-clock support, by call or text, from trained volunteers
Westbury Library Information from Westbury Library 27.04.2020
Neighbourhood Watch

Newsletter May 2020

The Independent Living Centre

A registered charity based in Semington offering free and impartial advice to older people and people with a disability or long term medical condition living in Wiltshire or BaNES, about how to remain independent in their own homes

Contact information 30.04.2020
An important message from NHS Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group Don’t delay seeking medical help because of coronavirus 01.05.2020
Mental Health Foundation
Wiltshire Police Positive response from the public over Wiltshire Police approach to Covid-19 06.07.2020
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