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Bins & Dog Waste

Litter and dog waste bins are sited at appropriate locations within the town. Although it is the responsibility of Wiltshire Council to empty bins through their waste and recycling service, in recent times the Town Council has provided some new and replacement bins which are sited at appropriate locations in the town.

Dog owners must by law pick up any mess made by their pets in public spaces such as roads, footpaths, playing fields etc. and offenders can be issued with on-the-spot fines.  

Update – 17th November 2020
In line with our Climate Emergency Declaration, Westbury Town Council will be suspending distribution of free dog waste bags to residents.

Most dog waste bags available are made of plastic and are often marketed as oxo-biodegradable or oxo-degradable – both are classed as the same type of plastic and can produce microplastics as they degrade. These microplastics can find their way into our water courses and ultimately into the food chain and are a recognised issue.

Our suppliers have indicated that these types of plastics are likely to be banned at some point next year. The cost of other alternatives such as compostable and flushable bags are currently prohibitive. These alternatives also have questions on their sustainability and are often not as green as first appears.

Our Town Improvement Group will review this decision regularly and investigate alternative options as and when they become available.

We encourage dog owners to continue to clear up after their dogs and to help keep our streets waste free.

We thank you for your ongoing support and co-operation.

To report dog fouling or a lost dog, please email the dog warden at Wiltshire Council lostdogs@wiltshire.gov.uk or report an issue online via the My Wiltshire app.

Working with Wiltshire Council and Idverde, Westbury Town Council have replaced several bins in and around the town.
These new bins have replaced either damaged or missing bins. Wiltshire Council will continue to empty them.