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Message from the Clerk, Deborah Urch

On Monday 7th October, there was a meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee. This Committee is responsible for making sure the Council has its governance arrangements in place and it remains efficient in its processes and policies. At the meeting the committee discussed several subjects, for example:

  • Introducing a Men’s Group – the council is aware there is loneliness and isolation in our community and that men often find it difficult to talk. This is a new informal and relaxed group being set-up to help tackle this issue.
  • The committee agreed to recommend to Town Council two new policies; A Promotional Policy, to deal with external promotional material and a Business Continuity Policy. The Business Continuity Policy is for internal use and allows the council to plan for emergency situations such as a loss of council offices through adverse weather or loss of a utility service.
  • Perhaps more exciting is the Youth Council Policy. This has been written to give the council a framework to develop a youth council. This aims to enable young people in the town (ages 10 to 19) to have their say about what is happening in their community and what they would like to see in their town. Historically, this is part of the community that we have struggled to engage with, and we are all very keen to make it happen.
  • The Committee will also be recommending to the Town Council that it applies for the Local Council Awards Scheme. We meet the criteria for foundation status, this shows that we are meeting our statutory requirements. If two thirds of our councillors were elected (10 of 15), we would be able to apply for a gold award. Providing we have enough elected Councillors at the next election in 2021, we hope to apply for an upgrade to gold standard. Onwards and upwards!

All our committees are open to the public and we would very much welcome people coming along to tell us what they think of our plans and ideas. Or bringing ideas of their own to be discussed at a future meeting. Check out the website for dates & times of Committees and Town Council meetings.

I am always keen to hear from the public about our services, please contact me at

Many thanks

Deborah Urch – Town Clerk

View the report from the Town Clerk for the Area Board October 2019 – pdf / word