Climate Emergency

Westbury Town Council declares a Climate Emergency.

At a meeting of Westbury Town Council on Monday 6th January 2020, the town council declared a climate emergency and has committed to making significant changes in the way it works to reduce emissions and work towards being carbon neutral by 2030. Find out more:

Wiltshire Council’s – Climate Strategy and Natural Environment Plan


Wiltshire Council are giving residents, businesses and local groups in the county the opportunity to have their say on Wiltshire Council’s draft Climate Strategy and Natural Environment Plan.

You can find out more here. There have been a number of online and in-person sessions and members of the public were invited to comment on the draft strategy until Sunday 17th October 2021.

Wiltshire Council Climate Change Poster

What can you do?

The Centre of Sustainable Energy (CSE) are a Bristol based charity who provide free advice and money saving tips that can help people who are concerned about the threat of climate change. On their resource page you will find a wide range of advice leaflets that can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. For example, the advice leaflets show you how to carry out a DIY home energy efficiency audit and give you tips for lower energy bills.

To find out more:
Resources | Centre for Sustainable Energy (
Love your home | Centre for Sustainable Energy (

Wiltshire Council work with Great Green Systems on Reducing your Waste and Composting, by offering Wiltshire residents discounted items, such as food waste composters, called a Green Johanna, find out more here.


Westbury Town Council held a story writing competition for local schools and residents on
the subject of “Climate Change – Your View of the Future” and the impact being felt globally.

The winner was… Imogen Harris, age 10
Congratulations and well done to Imogen, you can read Imogen’s story, A Polar Bear’s Tale, here.

Useful Information

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