Project Description

What We Do


Westbury Town Council has an active events calendar throughout the year with a focus on community and family friendly things to do. These range from the inflatable fun dayz and the bi-annual music event during the summer, through to the Remembrance Day Parade in November and the very popular Christmas event at the end of November/beginning of December.

The council has also had involvement with community partners in other events throughout the year such the World War II commemorative events over the past four years and the annual Westbury Festival which runs for two weeks in late summer.

This list isn’t exhaustive, of course, as our events programme is continually changing and expanding.

This year, however, it was decided to look and see whether those events mirror the council’s vision and priorities.  After in-depth discussions with the whole of the council, it was decided that we look to develop a programme of events and festivals throughout the year, working with the community in partnership and put emphasis on small neighbourhood events to help put Westbury on the map.

We are only at the beginning of this exciting process so keep watching this space for what is coming up.  We will advertise all events through social media and our quarterly newsletter and on the Town Calendar.

For more information, talk to our Events Co-ordinator on 01373 822232 or