Finance 2024-25

On Monday 8th January 2024, Westbury Town Council agreed the budget (precept) required for the next financial year 2024-2025. The precept is the main source of income for the town council and is collected by Wiltshire Council on behalf of the town council and it forms part of the overall council tax bill. The income is used to help fund the services, assets, staff and resources required to run an efficient town council.

There will be a small rise this year, which will cover the inflationary increase passed on to us from suppliers and the cost of delivering local services. The small increase of 4.80% will result in an average band D household seeing an increase of 92p per month on its Westbury Town Council element from April 2024.

Your council tax bill includes payments to Wiltshire Council, which makes up the largest part of your bill and also charges for the police and fire services.  Their increases are determined separately, and the Town Council has no influence over these.  Band D properties are used as a measure of the national average.  Houses in other bands (A to C) will see a smaller increase or (E to H) a larger increase.

Council Tax Fact Sheet

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Town Clerk

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Financial Regulations

The financial activities of the council are controlled under our financial regulations. These effect the rules for committees but also for staff carrying out the instructions of those committees.

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