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At a Town Council meeting on Monday 8th January 2018, the council resolved to set the precept for 2018-19. From April 2018 there will be a 16.88% increase on the town’s precept. This increase is needed due to the services and assets transferring from Wiltshire Council. In addition, the council has agreed to support the two-hour free car parking in the town centre car parks for a further twelve months.

The precept is the element of council tax paid to the town council. This increase will see an additional £0.31p per week for a band D house and a Band D house paying an annual precept of £129.58. Band D properties are used as a measure of the national average, and some houses will see a bigger or smaller increase.

Annual Budget

Audit Report

Statement of Accounts

Monthly Expenditure

Grant Awards

Councillor Allowances and Expenditure

Community Infrastructure Levy Funding (CIL)

The Laverton Finance

Financial Regulations

The financial activities of the council are controlled under our financial regulations. These effect the rules for committees but also for staff carrying out the instructions of those committees.

Please see Financial Regulations document January 2019.pdf

Insurance Certificates

The Employers Liability Certificate

The Certificate of Motor Insurance – to follow