Project Description

Asset Register and Risk Management

Under the Transparency Act we are required to publish our Asset Register

Risk Summary Report


Local councils, unlike principal authorities are not required by law to adopt a constitution, however they do need to adopt Standing OrdersRemote Meetings during Covid-19 and Financial Regulations and to have other governing documents such as a Members Code of Conduct and a Publication Scheme.

Local councils are required to have statutory governance documents, which need to be published in accordance with the Local Transparency Code 2015, as well as a number of other documents to help make its dealings more transparent to local people and businesses. The purpose is to enable local people to understand how their Town is being governed and how they can become involved in the decision making.

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Town Strategy and Business Plan

Town Strategy
Business Plan

Emergency Plan

The Emergency Plan provides Westbury Town Council with a process and procedure to follow in the event of an Emergency in Westbury.

An Emergency Working Group has been set up to ensure the information contained within the document remains relevant and appropriate.

Westbury Town Council Emergency Plan

How We Organise

The town council has a set of rules called standing orders. These determine how the council will conduct itself. Some of the items in standing order reflect national law, but most are just our own rules for procedure and debate designed to keep things fair and ordered. From time to time, the council will vote to “suspend standing orders”; technically they can only suspend those parts which are not law so sometimes the council will simply suspend a particular order. The most common reason for this to be done is to allow a member of the public to speak during a meeting – technically only members may speak so the committee can suspend its orders, let the person speak and then re-invoke standing orders to return to full council.

Standing Orders
Remote Meetings during Covid-19

Protocol of Public Forum

Please click on the link to read the Protocol of Public Forum

Rules & Regulations

Westbury Town Council regularly reviews its working practices to ensure it operates within a legal, moral and safe framework and has the following rules and regulations in place, which are reviewed and published in accordance with current legislation: