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Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd 18/09473/WCM / 20/06775WCM

“Westbury Still Says No” Banners 

Westbury Town Council has a limited number of small (1500×500 mm) “Westbury Still Says No” banners that are available for residents to display on their properties.

If you live in a location where a lot of people pass by, ideally on a main route through the town, and would like a banner please contact the town council team on 01373 822232 or email, with your contact details and where you would display the banner. Requests will be on a first come first served basis.
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Updated 5th August 2022

Northacre Renewable Energy, Westbury – Planning Appeal Inquiry.  

In July 2022 Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd lodged an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. The grounds for the appeal were the ”non-determination of the planning application”, meaning that Wiltshire Council had not come to a decision quickly enough on the application to build an incinerator in Westbury. 

The application for appeal by Northacre Renewable Energy was accepted by the Planning Inspectorate, and the hearing will take place in November 2022. 

Both Wiltshire Council and Arla Foods will take an active part in the planning inquiry.  

An extraordinary Town Council meeting was called for the 2nd of August to discuss whether the Town Council should be a Rule 6 party.  Being a Rule 6 party means the Town Council would be able call their own witnesses to give oral evidence on their behalf. This would also mean appointing an advocate to act on the Council’s behalf. 

At the Extraordinary Town Council meeting detailed discussions took place on the pros and cons of being a Rule 6 party, the main concern being that should the application to build the incinerator in Westbury fail, the Town Council could be requested by the Planning Inspector to pay costs, which could cost the Town Council a great deal of money, impacting on its ability to deliver its services and assets. 

The final vote was 4 against being a Rule 6 party, and 2 for.  Therefore, the Town Council will be present at the planning inquiry as an Interested Party. 

The Town Council is working with the Legal Team to ensure that we can make representations as an Interested Party, together with seeking advice from an Advocate who specialises in Planning Appeals. 

There is however timeline that we must ALL meet. 

  • Tuesday 23rd August 2022 Written representations must be with the Planning Inspectorate. 

I am asking that you, as you have all done in the past, write to the Planning Inspectorate giving your reasons why this build should not be approved.  

The reference number is RE: APP/Y3940/W/22/3302008 

The Planning Inspectorate have introduced an online appeals service which you can use to comment on this appeal. You can find the service through the Appeals area of the Planning Portal – see Alternatively, you can send your comments to or Planning Inspectorate, Room 3c, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol BS1 6PN, quoting the Inspectorate reference. Comments should be received by Tuesday 23 August 2022. 

Every household in the town will be also receiving a letter from me again asking you write and support Westbury Says No to the Incinerator. 

Sheila Kimmins – Chair of the Council 

Updated 27th July 2022

27th July 2022 – from Westbury Town Council

Wiltshire Council Strategic Planning Committee met today, 27th July 2022 to make their decision on the incinerator, after deferring this verdict from their April 2022 meeting. Members of the strategic planning committee voted 8 to 1 against the incinerator. The application will now go to the Planning Inspectorate, to make a final decision, which is expected in November 2022.
Thank you and well done to all those that spoke against the incinerator, Dr Andrew Murrison, Cllr Mike Sutton, Cllr Jane Russ, the town’s Unitary Councillors, Matthew Dean, Gordon and Carol King, Cllr Suzanne Wickham for Ethandune and residents.

A very positive outcome, the fight against the incinerator continues!

22nd July 2022
Residents who experience odours can report these as follows:

23rd June 2022
Comment from Westbury Town Council Highways, Planning and Development Committee (20.06.2022) to the Environment Agency Briefing 16 decision:

“The Town Council are deeply disappointed by the decision the Environment Agency has reached in granting a licence for the Westbury Incinerator. We feel the decision was taken without full and appropriate public consultation and does not fully take into account the serious detrimental impact it will have on the town and local community. The town council are currently taking legal advice to see if there are grounds for challenging this decision.”

15th June 2022
From the Environment Agency – Briefing 16: Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd, can be read here.

4th May 2022
From the Environment Agency – Briefing 15: Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd, can be read here.

20th April 2022 – Deferral!

A very positive result for the town from the Strategic Planning Meeting held on 20th April 2022. Thanks to all who spoke against the incinerator including Dr Andrew Murrison and Councillors Sutton, King and Dean. Westbury Town Council will continue to fight against the incinerator on behalf of all Westbury residents.

Thanks also to the WGAG / No Westbury Incinerator Group, for all their hard work and effort in fighting the incinerator in Westbury.  You can follow the work of the group on Facebook.

17th April 2022
Westbury Town Council letter to Secretary of State, Michael Gove MP.

14th April 2022
Westbury Town Council held an Extraordinary meeting today, Thursday 14th April and the agreed actions can be viewed here.

12th April 2022
Response from Westbury Town Council to the Environment Agency Consultation, can be read here.

11th April 2022
Wiltshire Council Strategic Planning Committee – Wednesday 20th April 2022 – Notification Letter

1st April 2022
Westbury Town Council has received this Letter from the Secretary of State
In response, Westbury Town Council issues this Statement

10th March 2022
From the Environment Agency – Briefing 14: Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd, regarding the permit for an energy from waste incinerator in Westbury can be read here.

The consultation was open for comments until 11:59pm on Friday 22nd April 2022.

Updated 26th February 2021 

Environmental Agency – Briefing Notes: Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd: Briefing 6 / Briefing 7 / Briefing 8 / Briefing 9 / Briefing 10

Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd letter can be read here / Information about how to view paper copies of the application and how to book at time slot can be read here

Update from the Environment Agency – the consultation has been extended until 21st February 2021. A statement from Westbury Town Council can be read here

Updated 18th February 2021

Westbury Town Council – response to planning application 20/06775/WCM (21.09.2020) can be read here
Westbury Town Council – response to Environment Agency permit application (17.02.2021) can be read here

Updated 2nd November 2020

Westbury Town Council was contacted by Wiltshire Council on Monday 2nd November 2020, to confirm that all representations relating to planning application 20/06775/WCM – Amended energy from waste facility at the Northacre Energy Waste Facility have now been uploaded to the planning portal.

You can view the plans, documents and comments here.

Updated June 2020

You can read the letter from Dr Andrew Murrison, in response to Northacre Renewable Energies plans for the site in Westbury here.