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Date: 14th March 2024 

We would like to thank everyone who voted in Thursday’s referendum on Westbury’s Neighbourhood Plan, conducted by Wiltshire Council as the Local Planning Authority. The result, an overwhelming “yes” with 89% of voters in favour, not only gives Westbury Town Council a versatile tool to help inform decisions about future planning applications, but also gives the people of Westbury a much greater say in the appropriateness of design and location of developments. It will also help to protect designated open spaces and buildings of historic or architectural importance.

The work does not stop here, however: the Steering Group will soon reconvene to consider the first review of our Neighbourhood Plan, and commence an examination of the emerging Wiltshire Council Local Plan proposals.

Kate Knight and Philip Harcourt, co-chairs of the Westbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


The new Local Plan is an important document you’ve (possibly) never heard of. It will affect how we live, work and play looking ahead to 2038 and beyond. The Government requires every Local Plan to be reviewed at least once every five years and that is why Wiltshire Council is reviewing the Core Strategy, which has been renamed the Wiltshire Local Plan. A consultation on the draft Local Plan took place in the Autumn 2023. 

This is particularly relevant to the Neighbourhood Plan because through the Local Plan, Wiltshire Council are proposing locations for more housing, and areas for recreation etc. The Steering Group are already looking ahead to the emerging Local Plan and engaging with Wiltshire Council, and intend to make sure that Westbury Neighbourhood Plan will stay up-to-date as the new Local Plan comes into place over the next year or so. 


All of the relevant documents can be found to the right of this page.  

 Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plans empower local people to set local policies to protect their valued heritage, green spaces and community facilities and plan for local housing, employment and community facilities.   

The Neighbourhood Plan team have worked very hard to listen to everyone’s views and build strong local evidence to support effective policies to ensure our town future development happens in the right places and delivers the things our current and future community needs. 

Our Neighbourhood Plan will make a difference by focusing on things that the planning system can genuinely influence. On approval the Neighbourhood Plan will provide local planning policies for the town and become a part of the Development Plan that Wiltshire Council must use when determining planning applications in Westbury. 

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch via email at neighbourhoodplan@westburytowncouncil.gov.uk, via phone on 01373 822232 or by writing to Westbury Town Council Neighbourhood Plan, The Laverton, Bratton Road, Westbury Wiltshire, BA13 3EN. A hard copy of the Neighbourhood Plan is available for you to read at the Laverton if needed. 


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