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Neighbourhood Plan

Westbury Neighbourhood Plan 

Westbury, like several other communities in Wiltshire and across the country, is developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the town.

Neighbourhood Plans empower local people to set local policies to protect their valued heritage, green spaces and community facilities and plan for local housing, employment and community facilities.  So, if you live in Westbury and care about its future, it is vital you get involved in shaping our plan.

Westbury Town Council are responsible for the preparation of the Westbury Neighbourhood Plan which is led by a plan making Steering Group with topic working groups, made up of both town Councillors and local people.

The Neighbourhood Plan team are working hard to listen to your views and build strong local evidence to support effective policies to ensure our town future development happens in the right places and delivers the things our current and future community needs.

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Below, you can find out more about the topic areas in the Neighbourhood Plan, with more information about emerging draft objectives and evidence gathering.

AUTUMN 2021 Update. The draft plan is shaping up, and we had hoped to share it for comment and consultation this autumn. However, we are carefully following the formal procedures for preparing the Plan, one of which is to carefully consider any potential impacts on key environmental issues. There are many sensitive aspects to Westbury’s environment, from heritage to air quality, so more time is needed to carefully check and avoid any potential impacts on the environment.

The Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared by local people under the leadership of Westbury Town Council.  It is building a solid foundation of local evidence and research, national sustainable development principles, and consultation as well as independent review and examination. We hope that the draft Plan will be ready to share for feedback and comment in the first quarter of 2022. The draft Plan will be exactly that: what the community of Westbury say will shape the Plan before it is submitted to Wiltshire Council.

Neighbourhood plan policies and projects are presented in five connected themes, working together to achieve a shared vision for a thriving, sustainable and inclusive future for Westbury.

  1. Design, Development and Housing
  2. Transport and Movement
  3. Town Centre and Economy
  4. Heritage and Landscape
  5. Quality of Life and Environment

Click on the boxes below to find out more and see draft versions of evidence reports. You can read those now, and comment / ask question if you wish – you don’t need to wait for our full draft Plan!

If you have any questions get in touch via email at, via phone on 01373 822232 or by writing to Westbury Town Council Neighbourhood Plan, The Laverton, Bratton Road, Westbury Wiltshire, BA13 3EN

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