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People are sometimes concerned or confused about how planning applications are decided in our areas – particularly if they are controversial.

In fact, the Town Council does not have the power to reject or approve a planning application.  That is down to the planning authority which is Wiltshire Council.  But the Town Council is a statutory consultee – and that means it has to be notified of all planning applications in the Westbury area so it can use its local knowledge to comment.  Comments are agreed at the council’s highways, planning and development committee which is held every month. Once these comments are agreed, they are sent by the town clerk to Wiltshire Council where the final decision is made, taking into account planning policies, consultation responses and representations from local people.

If an application is particularly large or considered controversial, one of Westbury’s unitary councillors can request it to be considered by Wiltshire Council’s planning committee.

Did you know?  You can find out about planning applications in your area by visiting”

Did you know?  Wiltshire Council deals with around 10,000 applications per year”

Did you know? Westbury Town Council holds its highways, planning and development meetings on the third Monday of each month. Everyone is welcome to attend.”

Planning Information – updated 29.07.2020

24.06.2020 – Planning Applications – Bitham Park – 17/01643/REM and 14/09262/OUT – A Change in Construction Hours – the full information notice can be found here

21.07.2020 – Ash Die Back Information and Guidance Note 2020 from Wiltshire Council – the full details can be found here