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We will remember them.

Remembrance Westbury War Memorial

Westbury War Memorial.

Remembrance 2022

Westbury Remembered on Sunday 13th November 2022, with the always well attended ceremony starting at 10:55am. The Royal British Legion, uniformed organisations and youth groups paraded through the High Street and lay their wreaths at the end of the service.

We welcomed the Trowbridge & District Youth Band as they play for the third year running and thank bugler David Harle for his efforts to make the service such a poignant one.

Sgt Davies from the AOSB was once again be the parade marshal, while Reverend Rebecca Harris, Rector at All Saints’ Church led the service.

Westbury Town Council work to bring these parties together for Remembrance every year and look forward to another strong show from the community as we remember those that have fallen.

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