Are you willing to volunteer?

Potential projects

Below are a few examples of tasks we would like some help with, we recognise that time is precious and that we all have busy lives and it is sometimes very difficult to commit to regular volunteering.

We hope that by using the micro volunteering system where you can commit as much or as little of your time to specific projects. Just an hour can make a difference. If you are not aware of the micro system talk to a member of the town council staff and they will explain how it works.

The Town Council would like your input

We also need your help to identify new and needed projects that may be on your street or something you have noticed that could do with some care and attention around the town.

The town council do not have the automatic right to just start work on a piece of equipment or street furniture. Ownership of spaces, street furniture and equipment can be very complicated permissions and sometimes specifications (i.e type of paint) may be needed before any work can commence.

Projects identified must be achievable and realistic within the resources available. Any highlighted projects will be initially evaluated by the town council staff, but we hope the volunteer’s will also want to take an active part in planning as well as the execution of identified projects.

Anything will be considered, large or small.

Market Place telephone box

The telephone box in the Market Place is owned by the town council and is actually a listed building.

Plans are afoot to refit the box as an art exhibition space by fitting locks to the door and a system of panels internally so that picture from local artists can be displayed.

We would like some volunteers to help refurbish the outside of the box and give it a new coat of paint. this could be a one-off job or if you have an interest maybe you would like to help with the regular updating of new art exhibits as well as regular condition inspections?

Street name signs

Have you noticed that a great number of street road signs are in poor order?

These are part of Wiltshire Councils street furniture. However the policy at the moment is not to maintain or replace street name signs.

The town council have permission to refurbish the signs, in many cases a simple repaint is all that’s required.

We would like some volunteers to help with this by firstly identifying signs that need attention and then carrying out the refurbishment either on site or if sign removal is required at The Laverton.

Play Area maintenance

The town council has responsibility for ten play areas around the town. The play areas have suffered from lack of investment by Wiltshire Council before being handed over to the town council and a lot of work has already been done to improve safety and renew worn out equipment. It is a long ongoing process and some of the items in the play areas will be simply replaced but others are still usable, they just need to be given some T.L.C.

Events stewarding

The town council run the bi-annual summer event, the annual Christmas lights switch on, Remembrance Day commemorations, White Horse Beacon lighting as well as supporting many other community events such as the Pop-Can pop up fun day and Inflatable Fun Dayz. An extra pair of hands at such events with a variety of tasks needing to be done. You could be one of Santa’s helpers or helping marshal stall holders and entertainers on and off the site. If you are free to help for just an hour or two it would be a great help to support the staff that are there all day.

Would you like to volunteer with Westbury Town Council?

We welcome all volunteers and if you prefer being inside, organising rather than working outside, we would be glad of any admin help to organise the volunteers.

If you would would like to be added to our volunteer list, please let us know by emailing or call 01373 822232 or complete and return the Volunteer Questionnaire