Project Description



Are you willing to volunteer?

In the Spring 2019 we will be organising a volunteering event at The Laverton, an opportunity for volunteers to meet each other as well as the staff and councillors from the Town Council.

Along with a general discussion as to the type of jobs that are already identified we would also like to hear from you too, what you would like to see being done within the town and how this can be achieved together.

The structure we are looking to implement is called micro volunteering, meaning that you are not committed to a set day every week but rather tasks will be run as mini projects. The volunteer group will be invited to give their time to help with a specific project, how much time you may wish to commit or which project you wish to be involved with will be up to you.

When and where work is identified, materials and equipment will be sourced, and a day(s) will be planned to carry out the work. of course, this is always weather dependent, and should conditions be difficult we will confirm or postpone in good time.

We are working on a short questionnaire that we will ask you to fill in. We would like you to select those areas that may be of interest to you and to let us know about any skills you have?

Being a qualified trades person is great and will bring expert knowledge to the group, but it is not essential. Having a skill can be anything you are proficient at be it gardening, knitting or a brain surgeon. Most jobs will be unskilled with no qualifications required just a willingness to get involved, but we will need to know what you can contribute so we can make sure we task the right person to the right job.

We welcome all volunteers and if you prefer being inside, organising rather than working outside, we would be glad of any admin help to organise the volunteers. With lots of projects coming up and with the spring season on the horizon we hope to be in touch soon with the first request for help.

If you would still like to remain on our volunteer list, please let us know by emailing or call 01373 822232.