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Town Centre and Economy

Adapting to changes in how we shop, together with the challenges of recovery from Covid-19 is requiring re-thinking of the function of town centres. The Vision for Westbury Town Centre sets out a bold agenda to enable our town centre to rejuvenate and rediscover its historic role as the focus of Westbury’s retail, business, community and cultural life, which the Neighbourhood Plan aims to support.

Retention and increase of local jobs can be supported through policies in our Neighbourhood Plan.

Draft objectives emerging through consultation and evidence base work to date:

  • To support the retention and growth of local businesses, ensuring there is sufficient provision of appropriate work spaces to attract a range of businesses.
  • To support and protect the character, quality and distinct sustainable vitality of the town centre as focus of Westbury’s community and cultural life and local economy

To be achieved by:

  • A Town Centre vision to address regeneration of the Town Centre – whilst bearing in mind recent planning deregulation about change of use
  • Policies to support development, provide working spaces which encourage homeworking and small businesses, and seeking to enable the development of studios and workshops, along with the retention of our existing employment areas

Evidence Base

Town Centre Vision: This document, prepared earlier this year (2021), sets out a renewed vision for Westbury Town Centre, including projects, initiatives and steps to achieving the aspirations set out in the document. A business survey has also been undertaken.

Town Centre Vision

Business survey

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