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Transport and Movement

Westbury is a compact and well connected town.  It has good potential to make walking and cycling an attractive choice. But, there are many challenges to getting around Westbury.  The A350 creates uncomfortable traffic speeds, noise and air pollution, and there is concern linked to increases in traffic with future development.

In this section of the Neighbourhood Plan, the aim is to help increase walking and cycling between homes and key locations within Westbury, supporting reductions in levels of congestion and pollution, reducing our carbon footprint and lessening the impact of traffic on our health and wellbeing.

Draft objectives emerging through consultation and evidence base work to date:

  • To ensure an accessible and well-connected town for both current and future residents, particularly with walking and cycling routes that link between key locations and facilities such as the train station, town centre, employment areas, schools and health services. This includes delivery of a bridge over the railway to provide safe and direct links between residential areas and facilities.
  • To address traffic issues in the town that impact on the people in terms of safety as well as health due to poor air quality. All new development should contribute towards the improvement of air quality particularly in the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) in Westbury town centre.

To be achieved by:

  • Mapped information identifying risks and opportunities for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • A policy setting out clearly the expectations linked to traffic (especially HGV traffic) and the impacts on safety and air quality.
  • A policy to enable the provision of more opportunities to walk, cycle, scoot etc for all.
  • A forward looking policy on electric vehicles and how Westbury can play its part in a national move away from fossil fuel powered vehicles.

Evidence Base

Transport and Movement Report: A report has been prepared by the working group to underpin policies and projects in the Neighbourhood Plan. View the Transport and Movement Report.

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