Each year the town council puts up and takes down the town’s colourful Christmas lights and organises the annual switch-on event. The town council also provides the Christmas tree in the Market Place.

Christmas in Westbury Celebrations will be tapered down this year because of the social distancing measures put in place to fight Covid-19. Sadly, the traditional market and music entertainment, attended by thousands last year, will not be happening in 2020.

Worse still, it has also become apparent in recent weeks that the magic button used to switch on the town’s Christmas Light’s has gone missing. Yes, that’s right, and without the button Westbury will be without its Christmas lights for the festive season!!

Residents across the town, councillors and town council staff are busy searching for the missing magical mechanism as we speak. Events manager, Ryan Child is reportedly ‘very worried,’ and has been seen pulling out his hair, or what remains of it anyway.

Luckily, a documentary team are now following the council’s work, so residents of Westbury will find out how “buttongate” plays out when their film is released on 28th November 2020. If the brave and courageous searchers are successful, the lights will be switched on remotely by the winner of the Mayor’s Christmas card competition that night. If not…

Find out more on the Christmas in Westbury Facebook page!! https://www.facebook.com/christmasinwestbury

The official trailer of our virtual Christmas event: https://youtu.be/_PUG0v9Q3mA