• Westbury Town Council continues to progress its vision for future land use in the town of Westbury, the Neighbourhood Plan. This will establish policies which developers need to adhere to and protect against inappropriate development, as well as enabling facilities and improvements which are needed by the town.
  • Westbury’s Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, which comprises a mix of councillors and members of the public, last met on July 11th, where the members received reports from each of the Theme Groups who are assembling information which will serve to inform the Neighbourhood Plan itself.
  • The Health, Leisure and Wellbeing group have been particularly busy, gathering useful information on various aspects of life in Westbury including lists of clubs and activities as well as identifying community centres, care homes, children’s’ centres, dentists and health practitioners. The Transport group have also met and put some work into considering walking and cycling routes within and around Westbury; the Employment group has met and are developing a questionnaire aimed primarily at businesses in the town.
  • The Heritage group has undertaken some good work in identifying the priorities, stakeholders and the focus for their work; they recently also held a series of public participation events to assess public opinion. Together with the Environmental group which has identified the environmental sites and water courses in Westbury, much of their work has already been put to good use in informing a Sustainability Scoping Report.
  • The primary focus in the latter part of 2019 will be on housing. The Neighbourhood Plan staff along with the Housing Theme Group volunteers are proposing to undertake a comprehensive Housing Sites consultation. This will include an ongoing process of engagement with the wider community to create awareness of potential housing development and draw out views on Westbury and its future to help create our vision and objectives.

We need your help
We have established five theme groups as follows: Design, Development & Housing; Employment, Economy, Education & the Arts; Transport and the Environment; Heritage; and Health, Leisure & Wellbeing. If you have a particular interest in any of these themes, then we are very keen to hear from you.

It is crucial that we can provide evidence of the widest possible consultation across our town when the Neighbourhood Plan is presented to the Government inspector for approval. This is where you come in, because your views on what you want for your community count. Please respond to questionnaires that will occasionally come your way; it is a vital means of providing us with feedback.

Keep up to date
We ask you to keep yourself up to date with news via the Westbury Town Council Newsletter and website.

31st July 2019