Westbury Town Council distributed over 300 letters during October calling for local businesses to respond to a short questionnaire seeking information which would inform the emerging Neighbourhood Plan for Westbury, and in turn help to ensure that local businesses, both large and small, can both survive and thrive.

The Neighbourhood Plan admin team has worked hard to try and ensure that as many businesses in Westbury have been approached in order to gather their opinions, but if you suspect that your business has been inadvertently missed, either because you have recently moved premises or perhaps are just starting out, or even if you don’t consider yourself a business but are simply trading on a small basis, then please feel free to either request a paper copy, or complete an electronic version of the questionnaire which is also available via the following link: //bit.do/WSBBusinessSurvey

Please note that businesses on the West Wilts Trading Estate have been intentionally excluded from this survey. This is because they are located in the neighbouring parish of Heywood rather than the parish of Westbury itself.

The closing date for responses is 30th November 2019. The Steering group will also be arranging, at a later date, opportunities for the general public to put forward their points of view on this and other issues at open meetings.

Yours faithfully,

Philip McMullen, Neighbourhood Plan Coordinator, Westbury Town Council, The Laverton, Bratton Road, Westbury, BA13 3EN

8th November 2019


The results of two Heritage public consultation events and a community event held in the Summer have now been collated and are being analysed so that conclusions can be gathered to help with the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan. Further consultations are being planned throughout the next few months.

The Steering Group will be writing to all the local businesses asking them to fill in a short questionnaire to identify the services that they provide, how further housing might affect their business and what local changes might assist their business. Those currently working from home will also be asked whether, if their business expanded, they would need office space or other accommodation so that any requirement for this can be taken into consideration. It is hoped that the results of this questionnaire will allow the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to help the development of local businesses and therefore local jobs.

Wiltshire Council is currently undertaking a review of the housing and employment requirements in the Wiltshire Core Strategy (now renamed the Wiltshire Local Plan) for the period 2016 to 2036 which will help to inform the number of new homes that will need to be delivered in Westbury in future.

Westbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is therefore undertaking a “Call for Sites” – in other words, asking local landowners whether they have pieces of land which could potentially, one day, become available.

We will need to be open minded about where any new housing goes, so we have to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to promote their site in order to learn how the sites could be developed, how this may benefit the town and what advantages each particular site might provide. We can then arrive at a decision about the location of new housing based on robust evidence, which we must do if the Neighbourhood Plan is to pass all the necessary tests.

We need your help
We have established five theme groups as follows: Design, Development & Housing; Employment, Economy, Education & the Arts; Transport and the Environment; Heritage; and Health, Leisure & Wellbeing. If you have a particular interest in any of these themes, then we are very keen to hear from you.

It is crucial that we can provide evidence of the widest possible consultation across our town when the Neighbourhood Plan is presented to the Government inspector for approval. This is where you come in, because your views on what you want for your community count. Please respond to questionnaires that will occasionally come your way; it is a vital means of providing us with feedback.

Keep up to date
We ask you to keep yourself up to date with news via the Westbury Town Council Newsletter and website.

25th September 2019