Call For Sites

A key element of the establishment of a Neighbourhood Plan for Westbury is for the Steering Group, which is made up of a mix of community representatives and town councillors, to consider the merits of making Site Allocations for future development in the town in order to address any identified local needs.

We are therefore making a call to identify all land-owners in the town who might potentially have an interest in promoting their land for development, irrespective of how large or small the land may be, between now and 2036.

If you are a landowner and wish your land to be considered for allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan, please be advised that we are primarily looking for sites for a mix of affordable and open market residential use. However, if you aspire to alternative uses then we would also like to hear from you. In particular, we would welcome details of land that you may wish to see taken forward to provide wider community benefit. For example, this could be as space for children’s play areas, an allotment, or an area to be designated for purposes such as leisure facilities, or educational use. These are examples only and all ideas would be considered.

It is understood that any response represents a draft position and at this stage does not automatically bind a landowner to make any such provisions at any time. Landowners should bear in mind that any potential land which is not put forward at this stage may not be considered for allocation during the period of the Plan i.e. 2020 – 2036. Equally sites can only be proposed for allocation if they are demonstrably deliverable. This is a matter which you may wish to address in your submission.

If you have potential sites that are within or directly adjacent to the existing settlement boundary of the Town then could you please either contact the Neighbourhood Plan project team (details below) or complete the form at:

If you have previously submitted a site to Wiltshire Council in an earlier ‘Call for Sites’ we request that you resubmit your site with up-to-date information for assessment by the Westbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Submission of a site means only that the Steering Group will undertake an assessment of that site to assess its suitability for development, and may be considered for allocation within the Westbury Neighbourhood Plan.

At Appendix I are listed the Objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan when considering future development in the town of Westbury. You might like to consider how these might link in with your response.

It is important that you submit your sites as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process. Any allocation in the finalised Plan will establish the principle of development of the land in question for that particular use (subject to normal planning requirements). Without an allocation in the approved Plan it is unlikely that planning approval for development will be granted. Our vision is in line with the strategic objectives of Wiltshire Council’s adopted Core Strategy and emerging Local Plan.

We require all submissions to be made in writing, including all information requested in this letter, by 31st March 2020* at the latest. Submissions should be addressed to:

*Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we will be extending the deadline for call for sites applications to 30.04.2020.

Neighbourhood Plan Project Administrator
Westbury Town Council
The Laverton
Bratton Road
BA13 3EN
Tel: 01373 822232


Appendix I – Objectives

• To provide for the future housing needs of the Town of Westbury

• To seek to improve the physical infrastructure serving the residents and businesses of Westbury

• To improve the community infrastructure of Westbury in order to provide more places for people, young and old, to undertake their work, leisure and community pursuits

• To establish Westbury as a place that people want to visit for their work, leisure and community needs

• To improve movement by non-car modes, principally walking, cycling and public transport links

• To protect the existing business base of the town and ensure their needs are provided for

• To improve transport facilities in the area in terms of traffic flow, parking, both on and off street, and public transport

Updated: 25.03.2020