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Quality of Life & Environment

Quality of Life and Environment

Westbury benefits from good access to green spaces and the plan looks to protect and further enhance these via Local Green Space and Community Open Space designations. We also have a good natural environment which it is important to protect and enhance.

Draft objectives emerging through consultation and evidence base work to date:

  • To protect, extend and enhance natural environment and network of green spaces to benefit people and wildlife
  • To ensure an overall positive improvement in the natural environment of the town and its surroundings, new development will take a holistic approach to spaces and places that benefit people and wildlife
  • To retain and improve the range of facilities and services that supports the cultural life, as well as the health and wellbeing, of the local population in line with current and future needs

To be achieved by:

  • Identifying and allocating Local Green Spaces – which gives valued green spaces in the town protection against any development except in exceptional circumstances
  • Identifying the corridors of ‘green and blue’ infrastructure, as well as assets and opportunities for improving our natural environment
  • Supporting and strengthening Westbury’s local arts scene – notably though support for public art and dance / performance

Evidence Base

Quality of Life and Environment Report

Members of the steering group have been researching a number of factors that contribute to quality of life in Westbury. The results are wide ranging and encompass green spaces, community facilities and the green network of multi-functional green spaces that delivers a wide range of environmental, economic, health and wellbeing benefits. View the Report.

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