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Heritage & Landscape

Heritage and Landscape

From the landscape setting of Westbury with the spectacular escarpment to the Salisbury Plain with iconic White Horse, to heritage assets in our town with the town centre Conservation Area and many listed buildings, we have much to be proud of. The Neighbourhood Plan can play a key role in reinforcing the importance of these features to the town, and ensuring they are protected and where possible, enhanced.

Draft objectives emerging through consultation and evidence base work to date:

  • To celebrate, enhance and protect Westbury’s historic character, from the townscape to the distinctive landscape
  • To support and protect the character, quality and distinct sustainable vitality of the town centre as focus of Westbury’s community and cultural life and local economy

To be achieved by:

  • A Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan and a related policy in the neighbourhood plan
  • Identifying non-designated heritage assets, and areas (Westbury Leigh) of local importance
  • Evidence and a linked policy to protect our special landscape setting

Evidence base

Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

This document has been prepared in order to define and record the special architectural and historic interest of the Westbury Conservation area as well as to identify buildings which are threatened by a lack of maintenance or repair together with opportunities for enhancement. This will inform any planning decisions to ensure this special part of our town is conserved and enhanced.

View the Westbury Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

Local Heritage

Alongside the many listed buildings in our town, there are also other important or interesting buildings, or features such as signs, gates, post boxes or features with links to local history or important people that aren’t listed, but still contribute to our town’s collective identity and heritage. We can have a policy to identify these features, and set how planning applications must demonstrate how they have taken account of them.

We have asked for people to submit ideas for locally valued heritage assets that aren’t listed.

What unlisted heritage assets do you think we should identify? You can nominate them here – Locally Valued Unlisted Heritage Assets – Nomination Form.


Our landscape, most especially to the east of the town is highly valued locally for the contribution to the character and distinctiveness of Westbury, as well as being a nationally renowned iconic landscape with historical associations of national significance. Assessment of the landscape is included in the Character Statement setting out clear information on areas to be protected into the future. View the character statement.

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